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January 2008
Two new national parks - “Call of the Taiga” and “Udegei Legend” - created for tiger conservation in the Russian Far East.

June 2006
The year 2006 marks the 90 th anniversary of Russia ’s zapovednik system. Reserve staffers get their own day – November 12.

December 2005
The Primorye Court reopens case demanding environmental assessment of the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean oil pipeline and terminal.

November 2005
The European bison breeding center in Prioksky-Terrasny Zapovednik welcomes its 11th baby bison this year.

October 2005
The Great Baikal Trail opens 170 kilometers of forest trails around Lake Baikal

June 2005
International conference on the History of Conservation in Protected Areas to be held September 5-9, 2005 in Belogorie Zapovednik

April 2005
Help stop canal construction in the Ukrainian part of the Danube Delta, where pristine wetlands are preserved in Dunaisky Biosphere Zapovednik!

October 2004
Picture for future management of Russia’s Protected Areas becomes clearer

April 2004
Russia’s Ministry of Natural Resources Restructured and Under New Leadership

February 2004
Protected forests in Russia now vulnerable with passing of new Forest Code

December 2003
December 2003 Telegram Sends Shockwaves Through Russia's Nature Reserves
and National Parks

July 2003
In July 2003, UNESCO declared Ubsunurskaya Kotlovina Zapovednik (Tuva Republic) a World Heritage Site, bringing the total number in Russia to 17.

April 2003
"The Russian Minstry of Natural Resources demonstrates its commitment to protected areas by approving a strategic plan in April 2003 for developing the zapovednik and national parks system."

July 2001
Russia's Prime Minister Kosyanov signs a decree supporting creation of nine new zapovedniks and 12 new national parks by the year 2010.

June 2001
Don't miss the June issue of Smithsonian Magazine featuring Russia's Zapovednik system with photos by Wild Russia contributors, Igor Shpilenok and Laura Williams!


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