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January 2008
Two new national parks - “Call of the Taiga” and “Udegei Legend” - created for tiger conservation in the Russian Far East.

On January 23, 2008, two new national parks were created in Primorsky Krai in the Russian Far East, helping to conserve the rich biodiversity of that region, habitat to the rare Siberian tiger.  Now more than 100 staff will be hired to protect and study the tigers and their habitat and organize ecotourism and public outreach.  The planned budget of the two federal parks will be 10 million rubles ($250,000) a year.

The new director and organizer of the Zov Taigi (Call of the Taiga) National Park, WWF Amur Region Protected Areas Officer Yuri Bersenev, comments that “This decision has been a long time coming, allowing us to work not on the basis of a paper park, but on the ground."   Based on materials from the WWF Russia website.

More news and information on zapovedniks at www.wwf.ru and www.biodiversity.ru.

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