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June 2005
International conference on the History of Conservation in Protected Areas to be held September 5-9, 2005 in Belogorie Zapovednik

Announcement and Call for Abstracts

Belogorie Zapovednik, the Commission on Biodiversity Conservation of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Northern Eurasia Regional SC WCPA, and the Protected Areas Council of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences are pleased to announce the conference “Protected Areas – History of Conservation,” planned for September 5-9, 2005 in the Belgorie Zapovednik in Belgorod Province, Russia. The conference focuses on the history of protected areas of the former Soviet Union , as they share much in common. Participants will include conservationists from several countries of the former Soviet Union , as well as from Europe and North America . We encourage specialists in protected areas around the world to bring their historical analysis of the protected areas legacy to this conference.

The following themes will be discussed at the conference, with an emphasis on the historical context:

  • Traditional approach to protected areas and changing roles.
  • Conservation goals through protected areas networking.
  • Structure of protected area networks in varying national, political, socio-economic, and environmental contexts.
  • Protected areas legislation.
  • Conservation, research, and ecological education in protected areas.
  • Protected areas and international collaboration.
  • Partnership of protected areas with scientific organizations, universities, non-governmental organizations, and charitable foundations.
  • History of ecosystems and natural and anthropogenic disturbance regimes in protected areas.
  • Outstanding activists of the past in conservation of protected areas.
  • Environmentalist subculture in nature reserves.

English and Russian will be the official languages of the conference. The proceedings will be published before the conference and participants will receive a printed copy or a CD at the conference.

The organizers invite submissions of abstracts. Each author may submit no more than two presentations (including those co-author). The format is the following: Length up to 3 pages, A4 paper size, Microsoft Word, 1.5 line spacing; 2 cm right, top, and bottom margins, 3 cm left margins. Only electronic format will be accepted. Please name the file by the last name of the first author (example: smith.doc).

Please also attach the following information about authors:

  • Full name
  • Scientific title
  • Employer
  • Job title
  • Contact information (phone, fax, e-mail)
  • Title of the abstract
  • Co-authors

The registration fee is $100 and should be paid on site upon arrival.

The conference committee reserves the right to decline abstracts if they don’t correspond to any of the above topics. In June, the organizers will send out invitations, the conference agenda, and other related materials.

Two excursions will be offered after the conference:

  • Protected areas of Belgorod region (forest and steppe ecosystems). Duration – one day.
  • Protected areas of the European part of Russia . Duration – 5 days. (minimal requirement – 15 participants).

Please state if you would like to take a tour.

Please direct all correspondence to the Conference Committee (please write “Protected areas conferences” on the subject line):

Alexander Shapovalov, Chair of the Conference Committee

Russia , 309342, Belgorodskaya oblast, Poselok Borisovka, Zapovednik “Belogorie,” Per. Monastyrsky Dom 3

E-mail: dubrava@belgtts.ru

The organizers would like to thank the Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Management, the Administration of Belgorod Oblast, Saint-Petersburg State University, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Belgorod University, and the Biodiversity Conservation Center for their kind contributions.

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