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November 2005
The European bison breeding center in Prioksky-Terrasny Zapovednik welcomes its 11th baby bison this year.

The calving season is over for rare European bison in Prioksky-Terrasny Zapovednik. The last baby bison this year was born to a female named Murimora. The baby girl was named Muvana. Her father – Shpory – was brought to Russia from Germany in 2000. The head of the breeding center, Natalia Treboganova, said that a total of 11 bison were born this year – five males and six females.

European bison once roamed throughout Europe until driven to extinction in the wild by hunting in the 1920s. Fortunately, a handful of bison was preserved in zoos around Europe. Over half a century, Russian scientists have worked to save the species from extinction by breeding the bison in centers like the one in Prioksky-Terrasny Zapovednik and reintroducing the animals into the wild. Today, wild bison roam once again in forests in western Russia and the Caucasus Mountains. However, still threatened by poaching and habitat loss, the species is not out of the woods yet.

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