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Jon Sachs and Andrea Hurley
Web designers and developers for Wild-Russia

Wild-Russia was originally designed and developed by CenterMedia, a Boston based web company that closed it's doors in January, 2002. The project was taken over by Elytra Design, founded by Andrea Hurley, one of CenterMedia's developers who worked extensively with Wild-Russia.org. Jon Sachs, former President of CenterMedia, continues to play an advisory role.

About Elytra Design

Elytra Design is a web firm, founded by Andrea Hurley, that sprang into existence after the closing if it's parent company, CenterMedia. Andrea worked as web designer/developer at Centermedia for 3 years, and took the lead role on the Wild-Russia project. Elytra Design believes (as did CenterMedia) that this site will largely impact Wild Russia's ecological efforts while offering the rest of the world a first look at these endangered areas.

For more information, call Elytra Design at (617) 821-3604 or visit the company's Web site at www.elytradesign.com.

Email: Jon Sachs

Andrea Hurley


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